News Article: Countdown to NGNFUNDextra Launching! Great News - 1 Days To Go

NGNFUNDextra Launching!


What Will You Do With NGN365,000

Coming To You Every Week?


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  • ♦ LEVEL 1 (BRONZE).


You enter this level by Contributing NGN 10,000

2 Participants pays you NGN 10,000 each = NGN 20,000

Total Earnings = NGN 20,000


  • ♦ LEVEL 2 (SILVER).

You enter this level by Upgrading with NGN 15,000 to a sponsor in level 2

4 Participants pays you NGN 15,000 each = NGN 60,000

Total Earnings = NGN 60,000


  • ♦ LEVEL 3 (GOLD).

You enter this level by Upgrading with NGN 50,000 to a sponsor in level 3.

8 Participants pays you NGN 50,000 each = NGN 400,000

Total Earnings = NGN 400,000



 LEVEL 1 BRONZE: = N5, 000 profit 

LEVEL 2 SILVER: = N10, 000 profit

LEVEL 3 GOLD:   = N350, 000 profit 

TOTAL: N365,000



1. NGNFUND is fully a Nigeria online Program Launched in Jan.8, 2018

2. NGNFUNDxtra fully runs on Autopilot, about to be Launch in May 14th 2018.

3. With 10k you can Make N365, 000 every week on NGNFUNDxtra, N1,700, 000 every months (guaranteed)

4. With 2k you can Make up to N20, 000, 000 yearly

5. No buying or selling

6. No target

7. No balancing of legs before earning

8. Team work (guaranteed)

9. Incentives start from STAGE 4 on NGNFUND

10. You can open maximum of 3 accounts in your name on NGNFUND, 1 account only on NGNFUNDxtra.

11. Low start-up capital of N2, 000 only on NGNFUND & N10, 000 only on NGNFUNDxtra

12. Additional incentives (brand new android phone, deep freezer, generator, plasma TV, gas cooker, washing machine, a car and Quarterly leadership bonus from N5000-1,000,000)

Now how cool is that? Become a member and you're entitled to all

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The Similarities and Differences Btw NGNFUND and NGNFUNDextra


1 - They’ve both same interfaces
2 - SMS Notifications for Credit Alert
3 - Emailing System
4 - Proof of Payment System
5 - Home Page Statistics
6 - Live Chat
7 - News & Articles
8 - Payment Display System
9 – They’re both 2 x 2 Matrix Systems
10 – As well as upgrading system



1 – On ngnfund whenever you re upgrading from one stage to another, you are to write and submit testimonials in your dashboard
While on ngnfundextra whenever you re upgrading from one stage to another, a written testimony format appear on your dashboard and all you are required to do is Click on share (very compulsory)

2 – on ngnfund there’s individual referral link
While on ngnfundextra everyone uses on link

3 – On ngnfund there are different Teams
While on ngnfundextra there’s only 1 Team

4 – On ngnfund we have Level 1 – 6
While on ngnfundextra we have level 1 – 3

5 – On ngnfund with 2k you can make up to N70, 000, 000 yearly
While on ngnfundextra with 10k you can Make N365, 000 weekly on NGNFUNDxtra, N1, 700, 000 every month



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