Welcome to all our new members and thank you to all our esteem members for taking part in the First and the Best Nigerian Indigenous MLM Programs available online.

We have the most awesome members. You've all been very understanding and very patient as we went through this hurdle.

Thank you all for being super, I do appreciate everyone of you.

As you all probably know or might have experience that the system is currently slow, this was as a result of the numerous scores of frivolous prospects that registers and refuse to upgrade in the system. that’s the reason why we all are experiencing general delay in payments.

We have completely flushed out 90% of the bad eggs from the system, and the system is now cleaned, stable and we expect no more interruptions (until the next unforeseen problem arises, but then we will fix it again).
In addition, communication matters a lot, always check your referral summary for the notification of new prospects into your structure, afterwards go to my referrals to collect their phone numbers and call them to put them through as they're new and might be hoping for someone to put them through. 

We have decided to consider all your valid suggestions and contributions, and in this order we have decided to upgrade the system and also add new features to it. 

In a bid to make the system pick up faster and maintain her optimum stability, the Programmers are currently working on the system upgrade as well as the implementation of the new features.

By July 16th (World Cup Finals Day) Programmers will complete all system upgrade and implementation.

Highlights of the Expected New Features


1 – Sponsor’s Username: This will be your new referral ID, prospects needs your username to register, without a username, new members cannot register successfully.

2 – Compensation Plan Adjustment: The Compensation Plan of Level 3 will be adjusted from NGN 350K to NGN250K. This enable we to give more credit rewards to those referring compare those that are waiting to receive.

3 – Reward System: Referral Bonus will be upgraded from 20% to 100% meaning for each prospects that you follow up with invite and he/she registers with your username, paid and confirmed, your will earn 10k.

Now, this is where the real money is, it is not everybody that can refer, that’s why those who can refer others can make up to N1 Million instead of N250k before checking out the system in level 3. Do the maths: 100 prospects multiply by NGN10,000

4 – Referral Bonus Counter: This will be the latest reward system monitor; it displays on all members’ Dashboard the cumulative numbers of referrals and the amount of bonus.

E.g Number of Referrals: 100 
Amount of Bonus: NGN 1,000,000

5 – Referral Bonus Accessibility: Cumulatively, all referral bonuses will be accessible only at stage 3, upon receiving your 1st or 2nd donations. You will screenshot your dashboard and send to the support, immediately the admins will Process your payment for you and you will get your alert.

6 – Newly Registered Prospects: NGNPLUS still and will remain 1 Link 1 Team 1 Goal! All newly registered prospects automatically go direct into the system without any manual placement. When you give out your username to prospects, before they register and before you earn your 10k please enlighten and encourage them to go to the website to read more about the system.

7 – Refusal to Upgrade: Admin has the right to take over or auction out to outstanding members, an existing account with active downlines in level 2 whose owner has received complete donations and refuse upgrade.

Every program, society, dispensation, system, careers or businesses have their own issues, difficulties and problems

But only those who have the aspirations, bravery, courage, desperation to provide solutions to these challenges will finally emerge to be a Millionaire

NGNPLUS is not and will never be a compulsory referral program 

But those who sees it as one will constantly emerge as Millionaires. 

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Isaac Momoh