News Article: Well done on reaching 15,000 members


Well done on reaching 15,000 members.

I hope to have exciting changes added to the system in next 24hours that will make you smile and have you busier than ever promoting your favorite program.

Keep the hope alive, NGNFund is here to stay, we are working hard behind the scenes to give you what you want, a trustable and reliable program that will give you earnings beyond your wildest dreams.

I'm here right behind you every step of the way, I'm committed to help you succeed in every way possible.

Important Notice For Nigerians Living Abroad:

I ask that members don't enable the IP Lock feature in their back office. It is an added security feature but should not be used by most members because it is mostly for 1st world countries like the US where the use of fixed IPs (IPs that don't change) is the norm. 3rd world countries like Nigeria and South Africa, mostly use dynamic IPs (IPs that changes) so it should not be used by most members. It will lock you out of your account if it is not relevant to you.

Look forward to the changes that will be implemented towards the end of the month.
There will be some nice surprises to those who work the system and bring in active members.
In the long run, I believe we all will benefit more.

We will continue to go from strength to strength.


For your benefit
Isaac Momoh